hola mala,

I’d like to share with you how everything started.

Back in 2015, I was broke and in my Senior Year of Fashion School. But with the support and encouragement of my friends and family, my hobby quickly became a beautiful and powerful project: MALA SWIMWEAR.

The beginning was not easy, especially because it grew up fast. Moving from a tiny table with a sewing machine in my bedroom at my parents’ house, to a small room at my first apartment, Mala now has its own space where design, development, and production of every piece takes place, thanks to the work and dedication of Mexican women.

By producing personalized pieces, I understood that every woman wanted the same thing when wearing a swimsuit, to feel spectacular. Working so close to these women made me realize that the Mexican fashion industry is delivering a speech I don’t feel comfortable with; wearing a bathing suit should not be a nightmare. We want women to inhabit their own skin, to feel proud of their unique body.

Every day I find myself collaborating with women of unmeasurable talent, who amaze me with their capability of bringing ideas into reality, and portray beautiful images. I feel lucky for being able to team up with them.

I believe in female empowerment. I believe in ethical and sustainable fashion. We care for the details and quality of every piece, Mala ensures that all of our products have a long life cycle.

Thank you for your trust in our brand. Along with other small businesses, we are trying to make a difference.

Thank you for keeping Mala more than alive, and to let us continue with a project that we love side by side with friends, colleagues, and wonderful women.

Gracias Malas, we are the resistance.

Stephanie Alcalá – CEO & Founder
Mala Swimwear